Siege Games is a small independent game studio ran by husband and wife, Jasson and Kelley McMorris. Together, we work to bring colorful and light-hearted games to life.


Before Siege Games

Long before Siege Games existed, Jasson was doing game development as a hobby for over a decade. Starting with RPG Maker 2000, he has been working on over ambitious games from the beginning. After graduating with a computer science degree and working the day job for a few years, Jasson managed to convince his wife to join him in his game development quest.


After a short failed warmup project, Siege Games began working on their first major title, Crea in February 2012. Development continues on Crea and is proving to be successful so far with a strong kickstarter campaign and sleighted to be released on Steam Early Access on June 3rd, 2014.



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Awards & Recognition

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