Advanced Items

Items can become quite complex since there are many interchangeable parts. Between all of these parts there are countless possibilities for creating items and any other content for that matter. However, since a great deal of content share can be grouped up there has been efforts made to mitigate repeating yourself. Such as we all know that a sword is an item and is equippable and generally can be crafted so we have provided a ‘Sword’ template to make creating swords easier. You can read about many of the existing templates here. It is even possible to create new templates.

Existing Templates

Item Remna Scroll Bow Spear Wand Sword Shield ToolItem Tile StorageContainer NPC Monster

Building Onto Content

Adding Animations

Making An Item

Making An Item Craftable

Making An Item Equippable

Making An Item Placement

Making An Item Usable

Giving An Entity Physics

Giving An Entity Particles